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These are projects I want to keep archived for whatever reason, but not worth writing an entire blog post on. Please be aware that these projects may be poorly documented, in various states of disrepair, or outdated. As a result, all of these are provided without any warranty or support.

  • aud-netbsd-out - Audacious audio output plugin for NetBSD's audio(4) device. Mainly an exercise in learning how the audio device works-- I'd recommend the SDL audio driver if you're looking to use Audacious on NetBSD.
  • NetBSD on a nanopi r2s - Likely outdated article on... well, running NetBSD on a FriendlyElec NanoPi R2S.
  • A couple attempts to get the WireGuard® userspace software working on NetBSD. All have their own issues and are also at least a couple years out of date.